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This screenshot shows the main section of FlexiRoster where you can work on the roster itself, assigning work to your staff in the "Staff by Date" view.

The central section shows the shift codes for the work assigned to each staff member on each day. Colour coding indicates which assignments are good and which are not, in addition to showing which further shifts staff can be assigned to.

The right hand pane shows information about the number of hours assigned to each staff member along with the minimum and maximum allowed.

The bottom section shows a summary of how many staff are assigned to each task for each day. Colour coding in this section is used to highlight where the number of assigned staff is either above or below the required maximum or minimum.

This screenshot shows similar information to the previous one, with the exception that highlighting has been disabled for unassigned days. This allows for the user to be able to visually scan the roster for any potential problems.

The assignments highlighted in red indicate that a serious problem has been detected which the user should investigate. Orange indicates less severe problems. Green highlighting indicate good assignments, generally where a staff member has been assigned a shift that they have specifically requested.

Detailed information about any problems can be viewed at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the assignment of interest above.

The information bar on the right hand side is not shown in this screenshot.

Note the padlocks shown in the top right hand corners of cells indicates that some assignments have been locked so that the software won't try to make changes when it is optimising the roster.

Double clicking on a grid cell within the "Staff by Date" view will present this screen from which the user can choose which duty to assign.

Information is shown for each duty to indicate this staff members suitability to be assigned to it - the list is automatically sorted so that the most suitabile duties are at the top and in descending order of overall suitability.

Assignments can also be made directly in the main roster screen by typing the first letter of the short code.

This screenshot shows the alternative roster view - "Duty by Date" where staff are assigned to duties.

As per the "Staff by Date" view, colour coding indicates which assignments are good and which have problems

When a staff member is selected, their name is automatically highlighted elsewhere in the roster.

Double clicking on a grid cell within the "Duty by Date" view will present this screen from which the user can choose who to assign.

Information is shown for each staff member to indicate whether they can be assigned to this duty - the list is automatically sorted so that the best candidates are at the top in descending order of overall suitability.

In both "Staff by Date" and "Duty by Date" viewing modes, the user can select which potential problems are highlighted at any one point in time, thus allowing them to individually check specific aspects of the roster.

Once a suitable roster has been created, several reports can be created, including separate rosters for each individual staff member.

Individual staff rosters can be printed, saved as a PDF file, or automatically emailed directly as a PDF attachment to staff email addresses previously entered into the software.

Adding and editing individual staff members can be done by clicking on the View Staff button after initially opening FlexiRoster.

If you have a large number of staff, the search facility at the top allows you to search on partial name or Employee ID.

As of version 2 of FlexiRoster, Existing staff can also be edited within the roster, without needing to save your work in progress and exiting out.

Detailed information for each staff member can be entered into FlexiRoster, including:

Min/Max Hours per rostering period, Contact Details, Qualifications, Availability, Leave, Requests, Groups - e.g. for General Preferences, Rules - can be tailored to each staff member, Online Access, Notes.

Rules are used to define the what shift combinations are allowed to be rostered by FlexiRoster - virtually every aspect of the roster can be affected by the rostering rules - ensuring that not only are award conditions not violated, but also that known bad shift combinations are also prevented. Rules can also be defined to that all staff are given both minimum and maximum numbers of night shifts each month for example.

Rules can also be used to shape individual rosters according to staff preferences, so that staff who prefer afternoon shifts are given them in preference to those that prefer morning shifts for examples.

Each individual rule can be automatically modified depending on the Employee Type and which Employee Groups a staff member belongs to. Staff can be allowed to select a subset of which Employee Groups they wish to belong to within the online portal, thus empowering them to assert some control over how they are rostered.

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