We have worked with nurses from a number of hospitals to ensure that our FlexiRoster Nursing Edition rostering software is the best available software for rostering nurses. From talking to the nurses who have tried our software, we understand how difficult rostering nurses can be and why so many attempts at automated rostering for nurses have failed in the past. The overwhelming response from nurses who have tried FlexiRoster is that it is by far the best software for rostering nurses that they have ever seen.

Using our software, nurses are seeing around a 75% reduction in the time that it takes to create their rosters from start to finish. For example:

  • One nurse who used to take 2+ days to complete a monthly roster, was able to complete an entire months roster in under half a day using our software.
  • Another nurse who used to take about a day was able to complete an entire months roster in about 2 hours.

If you take into account the fact that the example times above include processing time while the software is working on the roster, the effective time savings by using FlexiRoster are actually in the range of 85% to 90%

In recognition of the great community service provided by nurses, we are currently providing an extended offer just for nurses:

We will provide you with the following at no charge and absolutely no obligation:

  • Initial consultation with you to determine your rostering requirements.
  • Expert configuration of our software to suit your needs.
  • Importation of your current rostering information - e.g. staff list, old rosters, etc.
  • 90 day fully functional trial to use with your own roster.
  • Online portal for your nurses to make requests.
  • One on one training and support.

We offer you the above so that you can fully test out our software with your own roster.

We are confident that you will love our software and will be more than happy to pay for it after your free trial period. No matter how successful your trial, you are under absolutely no obligation to purchase a license at any stage.

There is currently no extra charge for the Nursing Edition compared to the Advanced Edition.

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FlexiRoster Nursing Edition
We have worked with nurses from many hospitals to create a special nursing edition of FlexiRoster
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